Coco Dolce Milk Chocolate with Rice Crisps

Coco Dolce Milk Chocolate with Rice Crisps

Coco Dolce

  • ₱220.00

A luscious, creamy blend of fine cacao beans, low-glycemic organic coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil and rice crisps – all Community-traded from tropical Mindanao.

Made by artisans from bean to bar using the traditional conche method, Coco Dolcé chocolate with rice crisp is a healthy and yummy gourmet chocolate that you would love to indulge in again and again.

Ingredients: cacao beans, cocoa butter, organic coconut sap sugar, virgin coconut oil, whole milk powder, vanilla and rice crisps.

Each bar is 80g.


The Freefood Co. partners with local farming communities in South Cotabato to introduce coconut sugar farming. It also plans to promote the culture and other crafts made by Lamlifew Tribal Women’s Association.

Its products tell the story of how our Filipino farmers can produce such premium ingredients which can bring about premium and healthy products. Coco Dolce is a brand of premium and healthy chocolates made from fine Davao cacao, organic coconut sugar, and virgin coconut oil.

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