Lakbawayan Bambrew (French Press / Coffee Press)

Lakbawayan Bambrew (French Press / Coffee Press)

The Bamboo Company

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Everyone needs an energizer in the morning or at work, that's why we got you an eco-friendly caffeine buddy that wouldn't let leave your side!

Meet our Lakbawayan Bambrew, a 600mL Bamboo Coffee Press / French Press that pumps out some caffeine for you in an eco-friendly way. Time to brew and to eliminate those plastic sachets or cups with this coffee press/ frenchpress, and be mindful of our impact to our environment in a cool way.

What makes it good

The Bamboo Company creates eco-friendly products that lessen our "plastic footprint" and help save the oceans.

Every purchase of this tumbler helps in the preservation and protection of our marine animals in the Philippines through Balyena.Org.Ph. Help reduce the amount of plastic bottles in the ocean and protect our dolphin and whale friends. 

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