Office Buddies Set

Messy Bessy

  • ₱150.00

What better gift to give your office buddies than these social good items they can use at work every day?

This set comes with a straight or bent metal straw and cleaner plus Messy Bessy's Desk and Workspace Cleaner spray, neatly packed in a reusable canvas pouch convenient to carry around.

What Makes It Good

Messy Bessy is in business to improve the lives of at-risk young adults in our Community. Through the years the company has been able to design and execute a breakthrough program that allows provides education, on-the-job-training, work ethic enhancement and values formation.

Switching to reusable straws is perhaps the easiest first step to reducing the amount of plastic waste you throw away each day. Plastic straws take up to 200 years to decompose, and even the breakdown of its components can leave microscopic amounts of chemicals that are harmful for animals in the ocean.

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