Organic Hand Soap

La Maison B

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100% Handmade Organic Soaps 

Biodegradable - No Alcohol - No Sulfate - No Parabens - No Artificial Additives - Not Tested on Animals - Safe and Effective. Enjoy 6 variants and their benefits:

Lavender: A lavish blend of lavender extract and essential oils which help in relaxing both the mind and body

Lemon: A zesty blend of lemon extract that helps lighten skin complexion while removing freckles, pimples and spots caused by sun exposure. 

Noni Charcoal: An exotic blend of noni extract, honey and activated charcoal; commonly used to purify skin and ease several skin conditions and problems such as eczema, acne and skin rashes. 

Tea Tree: Made with tea tree extract; known to help eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and is a natural remedy for skin asthma, psoriasis, rough and scaly skin, itchiness and other skin disorders. 

Turmeric: Contains anti-bacterial benefits that help battle acne and rejuvenate the skin. 

Calamansi: Made with calamansi juice, peel and seeds which naturally lightens skin complexion while eliminating unwanted odors. 

What Makes It Good

Our environments, our spaces, our homes affect every aspect of our lives. They can add stress to our way of life -- or, when designed consciously, they can improve our well-being and deepen our connection to the world around us.
La Maison B is an advocate of Conscious Living and in order to live consciously, and they believe in creating a Conscious Home. That’s why La Maison B have carefully curated bespoke home essentials to help you live your best, most conscious life - one that reflects who you are and how you live; a place where you can nourish your spirit, inspire your mind, and connect to your higher self and the Divine.
What's more, 20% of La Maison B proceeds support autism awareness and inclusion efforts.

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