Bigkis Apron for Adult and Kids

Jacinto & Lirio

  • ₱1,855.00

These stylish matching adult and kid waxed canvas leather aprons are ideal for arts & crafts, cooking, cleaning, DIY projects, gardening and other bonding activities with your little one.

Our heavy-duty shop apron protects your body and clothing from stains, sawdust, hot metal shavings, and other workshop debris making it also the apron of choice for BBQ’ers apron, brewers apron or baristas apron, barbers apron,  woodcarvers apron, woodturners apron, jewelers apron, blacksmiths apron, metal workers apron, and carpenters apron


- Adjustable and detachable neck strap (5" to 38.5")
- Adjustable waist strap or belt
- Water repellent waxed canvas main body
- Detachable Water Hyacinth Vegan Leather Breast Pocket for notebook and other items with strap for hanging pens and other items (Adult)
- Detachable Water Hyacinth Vegan Leather Chest Pocket (Kid)
- Strap on waist level for hanging items
- Hidden Pocket
- Solid brass hardware on straps
- Size: Adult: 26” (L) x 30” (H); Kids: 18” (L) x 20.5” (H)


- The water hyacinth portions is water resistant but do not soak the water hyacinth parts in water. Detach it from the apron if needed to be soaked in water.
- Lead time of 10 working days + 5 days (NCR) to 10 days (Non-NCR) for delivery.  


Jacinto & Lirio (meaning Hyacinth and Lily) is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic and multi-functional leathergoods sustainably made from water hyacinth, with a mission to empower affected families by the water hyacinth infestation problem through livelihood generation. 

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