Didi Monster

Didi Monster

Plush & Play

  • ₱350.00

The GK Enchanted Farm is located in a place called Barangay Encanto – a term known for spirits, ghosts, local folklore, and fairy tales scaring visitors.

No more reason to be afraid! You will only find hospitable, friendly people and cute monsters named after their attractive and flashy colors in Filipino.

Didi is short for dilaw or yellow.

What makes it good

Plush and Play aspires to restore Filipino seamstresses’ dignity and advocate for children’s right to play, one stitch at a time. 

Its goals include providing a secure source of income for 500 families by 2017, continuously inspiring and raising a new generation of young heroes and local social entrepreneurs, and setting new standards in the Philippine toy industry in the areas of safety, social and environmental impact.

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