Mini Burda Resizeable Wrap

Jacinto & Lirio

  • ₱328.00

Carry your gadgets, documents and tablets in soft, versatile cases that pay homage to Filipino craftsmanship! The Burda wrap is a resizable wrap that comes in bold colors and is accented with embroidered water hyacinth. It's closed using velcro strips that you can adjust any way you prefer to better store your belongings. At home, at work, or as a gift, the Burda wrap is a creative way of keeping things organized while still being a fashion statement.


       - Resizable mobile wrap
       - Can fit iPhone, Samsung and smaller mobile sizes
       - Can be used as a coin purse or wallet, mobile hard drive case, 
          eye glass casing

What makes it good?

Jacinto & Lirio (meaning Hyacinth and Lily) is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic and multi-functional leathergoods sustainably made from water hyacinth, with a mission to empower affected families by the water hyacinth infestation problem through livelihood generation.