Moisturizing PLUS Shampoo 1L

Human Heart Nature

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99.4% Natural

1 Liter, Less Litter. Experience frizz-free and carefree tresses with a bigger Moisturizing +PLUS Shampoo! Be kinder to you hair with frizz-taming ingredients while being kinder to the planet with our 1-liter PET bottle packaging for this hair care bestseller.

3 Kinder Frizz-Taming Techniques:

1. Brush before washing. Natural bristles lift protective oils from the scalp to the strands.
2. Don't rub with your towel! This worsens frizz. Just squeeze excess water from locks.
3. Tone down the heat. If you can't avoid hot styling tools, partially air-dry your hair to minimize moisture loss.

What Makes It Good?

Human Heart Nature centers on the core values of being pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment in striving to uplift the lives of the impoverished and underserved.

It employs hundreds of Gawad Kalinga residents and residents of other poor communities in roles from accounting and merchandising to manufacturing and warehousing.

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