Perseverance Journal

Jacinto & Lirio

  • ₱749.00

This journal made of durable water hyacinth (aka water lily) plant leather cover is your perfect companion in pursuing your dream, aspirations and goals in life. Take notes during meetings, list down your to-do's, write a novel, sketch, or record your thoughts, ideas or feelings. Have a Kwaderno journal with you on the go, home or office.

Water hyacinth plant leather executive journal cover with 5 card holders, 1 ID holder, paper/receipts holder on left & right side, pen holder, elastic closure; Blue synthetic leather combined with nylon cloth lining inside; 95 leaves refillable softbound notebook in un-ruled light cream paper;

DIMENSIONS: 9.25" x 6.5"

What makes it good

Jacinto & Lirio (meaning Hyacinth and Lily) is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic and multi-functional leathergoods sustainably made from water hyacinth, with a mission to empower affected families by the water hyacinth infestation problem through livelihood generation. 

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