Sustainable Home


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Make your home more eco-friendly with this bundle. Use products that are biodegradable and reduce single-use plastic. 

This bundle includes products from Zippies:

1. A Pouch of 10 Podz + Podz Forever Bottle - choose from the following variant: Aloe Vera, Geranium and Herb or Mandarin Rind.

2. 5 Small Reusable Cotton Mesh for storing your fruits and vegetables

3. 4 Biodegradable Earth Scrubber for your dishes

4. 4 Small Reusable Earth Sponge Paper Towel for cleaning your kitchen 


Zippies is an eco lifestyle brand that is all about practical and innovative products that lessen the impact on our world. They believe that the little changes we do in our everyday product choices are big steps towards a greener and more sustainable future. By choosing to purchase and reuse a Zippies product, you can save hundreds and hundreds of plastic bags from our oceans. Our planet is a precious place and let's protect it together. 

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