Adventure Pack

Adventure Pack

The Good Store PH

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The Adventure Pack is for those who are always on-the-go! It is a perfect sustainable companion for your beach or mountain trips.

This box set comes with the following:

1. Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

2. Pure Shampoo Bar - Kawaakari Variant. Note that the new shampoo bars now comes in tin cans instead of crochet pouch, photo is not updated.

3. Pure Conditioner Bar

4. Rainourish Oatmeal Soap Bar

5. Likha Lokal Katsa Tote Bag

Choose from different colors of the net bag to match your personal taste. With a handle that's sturdy enough to carry your adventure essentials, the bag comes in neutrals like cream or classic black, as well as dainty hues like old rose, peach, and various shades of blue - it's hard to pick just one!

The net bag is expandable and can carry up to 5kg of stuff. It is made of 100% cotton so it's lightweight, easy to store and wash.

This set comes in a reusable biodegradable cardboard gift box. Actual color may vary from photo due to differences in lighting.

What Makes It Good

Magwai aims to reduce the chemical pollution that is harmful to corals. Its mission is to pioneer marine-friendly personal care products that allow consumers to switch to alternatives that are both effective and sustainable. Magwai's focus is to deliver a product experience that you will love, without compromising on sustainability. 

Pure Essentials PH is committed to provide handmade skincare products made from all-natural ingredients. This means that even the coloring that help beautify our products are your day-to-day backyard ingredients like Moringa, Turmeric, Annatto, etc.

Rainourish believes nature nourishes our body best. All Rainoursh products are locally made and crafted from 100% natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients.

Simula PH, which means "to start", is a local cause-driven brand that carries items like crocheted net bags, shampoo bars, and menstrual cups for starting a zero waste lifestyle. They also offer refills for personal care products like sunblock and toner.

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