Magwai Quick-Drying Beach Towel


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MAGWAI towels are made for your daily life. Made from recycled plastic bottles, MAGWAI towels are also absorbent and quick-drying as a bath towel. It fits standard yoga mats, so you can take it with you as a yoga towel in your journey to mindfulness. It’s light and compact to fit in perfectly with your travels.

1. Coral - inspired by the coral reefs, the rainforests of the sea and the most diverse habitats on the planet. Corals add vibrancy and color to the reef, so we need to work together to protect its beauty.

2. Shark - inspired by 3 shark species found in the Philippines. The black-tip reef shark, the hammerhead shark, and the thresher shark. This design was made to celebrate World Ocean's Month in collaboration with Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines.
3. Pawikan - inspired by the sea turtle (pawikan) found in the Philippines. Pawikans are majestic marine reptile know for their destinctive shells and large flippers. They play a vital role in ocean ecosystems, but many species are endangered due to threats like habitat loss and poaching.
4. Butanding - inspired by the majestic gentle giant of the sea - the whale shark or butanding. It is the largest species in the world, which can be found in Philippine waters.

Quick Facts
  • Made with 10 post-consumer plastic bottles
  • 24″ x 72″ – fits the yoga mat
  • Printed with all-natural dye
  • Absorbent and quick drying


Magwai aims to reduce the chemical pollution that is harmful to corals. Its mission is to pioneer marine-friendly personal care products that allow consumers to switch to alternatives that are both effective and sustainable. Magwai's focus is to deliver a product experience that you will love, without compromising on sustainability. 

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