Fig Tree Farms

Figtree Farms & Property Management Corporation was founded in 2020 as an arm of Figtree Properties (and now Figtree Holdings Inc.) to further their efforts of a sustainable and resilient future. Since its establishment, Figtree Farms & Property Management Corp. has grown much more than just an arm, but into a whole entity that strives to improve the quality of life on this earth for generations to come.

Figtree Farms has multiple farms located in South Luzon, Philippines. We offer property management services to Figtree Properties; fresh produce of different varieties, plants, home and garden supplies, and much more. We pride ourselves with natural and eco-friendly products that are locally sourced from farmers, small businesses, or homegrown.

Figtree Farms & Property Management Corporation is an advocate of Green Development by promoting self-sustaining farming, educating the world about agricultural benefits, bringing back backyard farming to each household, and by helping humanity to cultivate and contribute to the future food sustainability of our world.

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