iVolunteer Philippines

iVolunteer's vision is for every Filipino volunteering towards nation building. iVolunteer believes that the value of volunteering is not only the contribution and output of the volunteers (e.g. houses built, a kid taught English, a relief good packed) but also that every volunteering experience transforms a Filipino to become better responsible citizens, one having deeper appreciation of the social and cultural landscape of the country.

iVolunteer Philippines promotes volunteerism by:

  • Providing organizations with a platform and avenue to reach more volunteers that match their organization’s needs.
  • Campaigning and promoting the concept of volunteerism broadly.
  • Providing volunteers an easy way to find volunteering opportunities that matches their skills, interest, and advocacy.

If you wish to support their cause, you may visit them at https://ivolunteer.com.ph and also checkout their merchandise here at The Good Store.