The Dream Coffee


 Our roots.

Our beginnings are found in seven Tboli communities located in the lush, mountainous municipality of T’Boli, South Cotabato in the southern Philippines.

Our name.

The Dream Coffee honors the farmers from T’Boli, the ancestral domain of the Tboli tribe who have a heritage of weaving sacred fabric inspired by dreams.

Our dream.

Wake up to the dream in your cup, we like to say. This dream is two-fold: to positively impact a growing number of 75 farmer-families and to produce coffee with dream-like taste.

We believe in purchase that makes an impact and taste that makes an impact.

Purchase that makes an impact.

We directly trade with coffee farmers from T’Boli, but we also move through more than just a trade.

Farmers also receive training in production and post-harvest processes to better their crop productivity and bean quality, in trade practices, and in managing their earnings through savings. They are also supported with equipment and financing to make their harvest more efficient.

Taste that makes an impact.

We produce only 100% Single Estate, Single Origin Philippine Arabica.

Through intentional and mindful processing, every single premium Arabica bean in our bags is: shade-grown in a single estate from a single origin, organically produced, handpicked and harvested ripe, roasted in small batches, and traded directly and ethically with farmers.

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