Figtree Farms Plantable Face Masks

Figtree Farms

  • ₱120.00

Do wish to sustainably dispose your used facemasks? We have a solution just for you. Try out our plantable face masks. 

This biodegradable face mask is an eco-friendly take on the essential facial covering and helps to solve the problem of disposable masks by highlighting how they can be made more sustainable.

This eco-friendly mask is 100% pure Abaca paper carefully embedded with vegetable seeds. You can re-use it until about 3 weeks if used daily. Instead of throwing out the used mask in the garbage after use, you can tear it into pieces, soak it in water, and let the seeds germinate. In a few days, you’ll have a vegetable plant from your mask!


Aside from being eco-friendly, this product supports the livelihood of women from Batangas. 

Figtree Farms is passionate about creating smart, sustainable, and resilient futures for generations to come. They create products that give back to the earth, not take away.

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