First Harvest Salted Coco Caramel

First Harvest

  • ₱150.00

Salted Coco Caramel is First Harvest’s take on the Asian heritage recipe – the coco jam. Balanced with salt and swirled with the aromatic flavor of sesame seeds, Salted Coco Caramel brandishes a surprising flavor that is unlike the regular coco jam.

It uses muscovado molasses – crude sugar cane is healthier. Enjoy with suman, or toasted bread. No artificial preservatives.

Weight: 125g


First Harvest employs partners from GK Enchanted Farm, and aims to enrich agricultural industries. First Harvest aims to give mothers a healthy alternative to feed their families and to increase the quality of agricultural produce to come up with globally competitive products that are at par, or even better than imported brands.

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