Kakaw Galleon Tamarind Dragée

Kakaw Galleon

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Love sour candy? You will love our our Tamarind Dragée! These yummy sweet delights are like tiny flavor bombs. They've got a hard chocolate shell on the outside that crunches when you bite in. Inside, there's a chewy tamarind center that's sour and sweet all at once!

Tamarind is a yummy fruit from the Philippines that's known for its crazy flavor – kind of like a sour patch kid, but way more interesting! Our Tamarind Dragée candies are the perfect way to try this unique taste.

Size: 100g


Kakaw Galleon stands as a specialty chocolate business dedicated to crafting exceptional artisanal chocolates using locally sourced, premium ingredients and practicing sustainability and fair trade. The initiative not only support local communities but also contribute to reforestation efforts in Laguna.

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