La Maison B Pure, Raw & Wild Honey

La Maison B

  • ₱399.00

Our 100% Pure & Organic Honey is harvested raw and wild locally with zero added sugar. Benefits: • Untreated and unfiltered so all vitamins, nutrients and enzymes are intact • Contains powerful antioxidants • Contains anti-bacterial properties

Size: 100 or 200ml


Our environments, our spaces, our homes affect every aspect of our lives. They can add stress to our way of life -- or, when designed consciously, they can improve our well-being and deepen our connection to the world around us.

La Maison B is an advocate of Conscious Living and in order to live consciously, and they believe in creating a Conscious Home. That’s why La Maison B have carefully curated bespoke home essentials to help you live your best, most conscious life - one that reflects who you are and how you live; a place where you can nourish your spirit, inspire your mind, and connect to your higher self and the Divine.

What's more, 20% of La Maison B proceeds support autism awareness and inclusion efforts.

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