Laro Traveler’s Planner Wallet

Jacinto & Lirio

  • ₱1,536.00

Before Candy Crush, and Mobile Legends, there was a time when a game meant meeting a group of friends, imagination and a willingness to go outside and run under the sun. These were the days when “interactivity" actually meant tagging your playmates and technology was limited to sticks, slippers and tin cans.

The Laro series is inspired by the traditional Filipino games we used to play as children. These games evoke memories of camaraderie, laughter, role-playing and fun after school. It reminds us of simpler times and friendships formed during playtime. More than the design, this planner has value-added uses which can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Laro Vegan Personalized Planner will always remind you of fun, laughter and play.

What makes it good?

Jacinto & Lirio (meaning Hyacinth and Lily) is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic and multi-functional leathergoods sustainably made from water hyacinth, with a mission to empower affected families by the water hyacinth infestation problem through livelihood generation. 

Availability will be checked upon order. Laser etching upon request at additional P450 per wallet and 3 weeks lead time.

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