Sinaya Seafood Raja Pusit - Ballpen Squid

Sinaya Seafood Raja Pusit - Ballpen Squid

Sinaya Seafood

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Our packed ballpen squid is responsibly sourced from the pristine waters of Lubang Island, Mindoro. Crafted with care, each ballpen squid is harvested using sustainable practices, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems.

With its tender texture and rich flavor, this delectable delicacy is perfect for seafood enthusiasts looking an ethical choice. This is perfect whether you are indulging in a gourmet meal or preparing a simple snack.

Weight: 100g


Sinaya Seafood draws inspiration from the Philippine deity of the sea, known as "Aman Sinaya. " Its mission is to protect and nurture the rich marine biodiversity of the Philippines. 

Sinya Seafood empowers fishing communities in practicing sustainable fishing methods, guaranteeing them a fair livelihood, and delivering the authentic flavors of the Philippine Seas with our customers to experience the coastal charm through our seafood delicacies.

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