Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate Bundle

The Good Store PH

  • ₱1,070.00

What's your favorite drink? Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate? In this bundle, you don't have to choose as you can have them all!

Included in the bunddle

1. The Good Store Hibiscus Tea - 25g

2. Coffee For Peace Arabica & Robusta  - 500g

3. Chocoloco Tablea Power - 27g

3. La Maison Honey - 100ml

4. The Good Store Gift Box 

What Makes It Good

The Good Store's herbal teas are the first products under our house brand. We are excited to support and work with local farmers who practice natural and sustainable, pesticide-free farming. These communities are nestled in the mountains of Sierra Madre and enjoys the perfect climate for growing the herbs and flowers used in our teas.

Coffee for Peace is a social enterprise that works with indigenous people and rural poor in the Philippines to promote economic empowerment, peace and reconciliation, and environmental stewardship. They provide training to indigenous communities in conflict-ridden areas in Mindanao, the Cordillera region, and others. The trained farmers and communities eventually become suppliers of coffee cherries and coffee beans to Coffee for Peace. Through this initiative, communities that have long been caught up in conflict are given stable livelihood opportunities.

Chocoloco provides unique, delicious, and healthy options while supporting local industries.  All of their products are 100% Filipino and have a single origin and uses premium organic cacao so the biggest difference will really be in the taste.  Chocoloco uses only the best fermented and solar dried beans from selected cacao farms in Mindanao, Philippines. 

La Maison B is an advocate of Conscious Living and in order to live consciously, and they believe in creating a Conscious Home. The honey are supporting livelihood of farmers in Quezon province. 

Enjoy their healthy, organic and vegan snacks while supporting local cacao farmers!

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