Tiltilan Gourmet Sugarcane Vinegar


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Made from fermented sugarcane juice, sugarcane vinegar is a unique and versatile condiment that adds a touch of sweetness and tang to your dishes. 

We have made distinct flavors for you. 

Garlic White - A very natural taste of garlic settled with our vinegar with the right amount of herbs and spices used to perfect the taste made for everyone to share and enjoy. It is complementary for tasty food that you want to add a little more twist.

Spicy Red - With the color itself to be red signifies spice, with the right amount of chosen herbs to complement the taste and will not overpower the spicy flavor. Perfect for those who like to spice up their dishes.

All Spiced Black - Our very special all spiced vinegar, the by product of vinegar known for its color added with chosen spices freshly picked and placed on our bottle and waited for its flavor to compliment their taste. Perfect match for any of your dishes such as any fried food. 

Size: 500ml


“Tiltilan” (sawsawan/dip) is widely used by kapampangans for every food and snack. Tiltilan Delicacies started with a dream, and a vision for the community to be engaged. They started making condiments that will be widely used and easier to be made and delivered to support the livelihood of communities in Pampanga. 

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