Wintergreen Kitchen & Toilet Cleaner


  • ₱145.00

Wintergreen Kitchen & Toilet Cleaner does wonders in your home cleaning as it scrapes out persistent grime on wall, stain on kitchen sink and tiles, table counter, toilet bowl, stain on stainless steel, window grill, and glass surfaces! PLUS no breathing in of toxic bleach fumes while keeping your house clean and spotless.

Ingredients: Non-fuming acid, surfactant, oil of wintergreen, colorant, purified water

Weight: 1 Liter for the Refillable Bottle; 750ml for the Refill only


It’s Non-Fuming, Non-Toxic, Surface Cleaner, Kitchen Toilet Cleaner, Home Cleaning.

Rainourish believes nature nourishes our body best. All Rainoursh products are locally made and crafted from 100% natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients.

They also promote in reduction of one's carbon footprint with solid toiletries like shampoo and soap bars, and refill & large bottles of home and laundry liquids.


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