Zero Waste Flow Set

Simula PH

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Hey ladies! Ditch the disposable liners, tampons, and sanitary pads and switch to these sustainable essentials.

Charcoal-lined reusable liners will keep you feeling clean and fresh all day, minus the environmental harm. Designs of the liners are random which are not necessarily the same as the photos.

Pair these with your menstrual cup during ~that~ time of the month. These are made with medical-grade silicone that warms up with body heat, promising 12-hour leak-free protection.

Choose from small or large sizes. Comes in a reusable pouch.

Menstrual Cup Size Guide


  • 73mm total length, 18mm stem length
  • 43mm main opening diameter
  • 18mL capacity
  • Better suited for those with a small cervix or sensitive bladder
  • Recommended for ladies 12 years of age or younger


  • 76mm total length, 23mm stem length
  • 46mm main opening diameterl
  • 23mL capacity
  • Better suited for those who experience very heavy flows or have given vaginal birth
  • Recommended for ladies 30 years of age and up

What Makes It Good

An average woman disposes of approximately 12,000 sanitary pads or tampons in her lifetime, and these plastic products take 500-800 years to decompose.

Simula PH, which means "to start", is a local cause-driven brand that carries items like crocheted net bags, shampoo bars, and menstrual cups for starting a zero waste lifestyle. They also offer refills for personal care products like sunblock and toner.

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