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#TheNewPaskongPinoy: 10 Sustainable & Uniquely Filipino Christmas Gifts

The Filipino Christmas celebration is known to be the longest in the world. We just love Christmas so much that we start it early and end it late. But these celebrations are not always the easiest to pull off. With long lines in the malls, traffic on the streets, and overcrowded stores, shopping for Christmas gifts isn’t always a pleasant experience. We’re offering you a solution to these holiday hassles with this year’s The Good Store Christmas Bundles. We have a collection of gift ideas that are sustainable and uniquely Filipino. With just a few clicks, these gift bundles will...

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Five Curated Gift Boxes for Any Occasion

Are you an HR manager looking for branded and curated gifts for your company’s events? Are you looking for tokens of appreciation for your guest speakers? Are you a business owner searching for gift items for your stakeholders, partners and suppliers? Are you having a hard time looking for a gift for your eco-warrior friend who is living a sustainable life? Do you want to give your foreign guests an all-Filipino gift box? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this is for you. We have here 5 curated gift boxes which are perfect for any...

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