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#TheNewPaskongPinoy: 10 Sustainable & Uniquely Filipino Christmas Gifts

The Filipino Christmas celebration is known to be the longest in the world. We just love Christmas so much that we start it early and end it late. But these celebrations are not always the easiest to pull off. With long lines in the malls, traffic on the streets, and overcrowded stores, shopping for Christmas gifts isn’t always a pleasant experience. We’re offering you a solution to these holiday hassles with this year’s The Good Store Christmas Bundles. We have a collection of gift ideas that are sustainable and uniquely Filipino. With just a few clicks, these gift bundles will...

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What is a Social Enterprise?

The co-founders of The Good Store with some of the local social entrepreneurs and community partners.   A 2015 report by The British Council describes the social enterprise scene in the Philippines as vibrant and growing. As early as 2007, there were already 30,000 registered social enterprises in the country as stated in the report. Ms. Maria Angela Flores of the PH British Council notes that the majority of these social enterprises are product or commodity-based. It is in these sentiments that they have founded the I am a Changemaker Social Enterprise Competition in 2009. Through that program, they were...

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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day the New Normal Way

They say that love always finds a way, but social distancing during a pandemic makes it so much more challenging.  Whatever relationship status you’re in, here are some alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day the #NewNormal way. 1. Stream a virtual concert or movie together Got a romcom that encapsulates your love story as a couple? Or wanna get the gang together for a chick flick marathon?  Don’t let stay-at-home orders stop you from spending quality time with people who matter to you. There are plenty of apps you can use to simultaneously stream a movie or concert through video...

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