5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day the New Normal Way

They say that love always finds a way, but social distancing during a pandemic makes it so much more challenging. 

Whatever relationship status you’re in, here are some alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day the #NewNormal way.

1. Stream a virtual concert or movie together

Got a romcom that encapsulates your love story as a couple? Or wanna get the gang together for a chick flick marathon? 

Don’t let stay-at-home orders stop you from spending quality time with people who matter to you. There are plenty of apps you can use to simultaneously stream a movie or concert through video and get all the feels!

theo and philo hot chocolate

You can even grab some snacks and drinks to recreate the experience of watching in a cinema. If you’re going for more chill vibes, share a mug of hot cocoa together.

2. Cook a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner at home

Enjoy a simple date night in the comfort (and safety!) of your own home, but zhuzh it up a few notches by prepping a fancier meal than usual.

It doesn’t have to be a five-course menu, but you gotta level up from your staple hotdog and eggs or usual fast food takeout!

Make your date even more special by dressing nice and glamming up. It might feel silly at first, but it’ll be refreshing to see each other out of pambahay couture, too.

3.Send a care package

Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” better than a care package! 

Send immunity boosters like honey and turmeric tea to remind them to stay well, or curate a gift box that contains things you know your loved one will enjoy.

Even better, you can share your love for social impact by adding items that uplift local communities and advocate good causes. 

The Good Store Turmeric Tea

You can have a present delivered straight to the receiver’s doorstep, then just add a thoughtful message for a more personal touch. Just make sure you input the correct address and include a note in the checkout page. 

4. Make a video or slideshow of your fun times together

Even though dining out and going to different destinations aren’t really V-day date options these days, that doesn’t mean you can’t share travel adventures anymore. 

Reminisce about the times you’ve gone on food trips or ticked entries off your bucket list by compiling photos and videos of those good ol’ memories.

Jacinto and Lirio

This can help you stay hopeful that things can someday return to normal and it will be safer to travel again, who knows? 

5.Pamper yourself with some self-care the entire day

We all have our own ways of indulging in precious me-time, be it lighting up some scented candles and putting on a face mask (no, not the surgical kind!) or decluttering your room KonMari-style.

Theo and Philo

You can also take some time to write your reflections in a journal or treat yourself to a box of chocolates. You do you!

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