#GiftsForHim: Top 5 Gifts for Father’s Day

Father's Day is just around the corner! Here are some meaningful gift ideas for the special man in our lives. They're great as gifts as they support various causes. You're not only giving a gift to your dad, you're also giving a gift to the community.

fathers day gift 

1. Bigkis Apron by Jacinto and Lirio

These aprons come as a pair with another piece for Dad’s little one. These waxed canvas leather aprons are ideal for arts & crafts, cooking, cleaning, DIY projects, gardening and other bonding activities with Dad.

 jacinto and lirio bigkis apron

2. Shaving Cream & Hair Shaper Pomade by Human Heart Nature

Dad will surely not have a bad hair day with this combo! From his crowning glory to a clean shaven face, these all-natural solutions will definitely take care of his dapper looks. It’s high time for Dad to also take care of himself.

human heart nature shaving cream 

3. Rocket Insulated Tumbler by SIP

Since Dad is usually out for work, this insulated tumbler will surely remind him to always hydrate and keep his cool. This tumbler can keep his drink hot for 8 hours, cold for 12 hours, and ice cold for 16 hours. Ain’t it amazing?

 tumbler sip ph

4. Coffee Beans by The Dream Coffee

If your Dad is a big coffee drinker, then these coffee beans by the indigenous farmers of the T’boli tribe are perfect for him. The smell of a great cup of coffee on his special day would not go amiss.

the dream coffee  

5. WFH Desk Mat by Jacinto & Lyrio

Dad’s always busy at work to take care of the family. Make his workload lighter by helping him organize his things in his work station. With card slots, document pockets, and a pen holder, this desk mat is a nice workmate which can act as a long mouse and keyboard pad on the day, and a gaming pad for his fun game nights!

WFH Desk Mat

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