Easy-To-Cook Champurado with Adlai

Try our healthier version of champurado using adlai.

Aside from being healthy, you can also support local farming communities by using ingredients from Chocoloco and Inday Adlai. These brands supports livelihood of local communities from Bukidnon and Davao region respectively.

You can now get our Champurado Bundle which we have packed especially for champurado lovers.


1. 1 cup of adlai

2. 7 pieces of tablea

3. 5 cups of water

4. evaporated or condensed milk (optional)


1. Wash thoroughly and drain the adlai

2. Put adlai and water into the pot

3. Cook over medium heat, about 30 minutes covered

4. After 30 minutes, adlai becomes slightly chewy

5. Add in tablea

6. Turn heat down to low, and stir for a few seconds until tablea melts

7. Let it simmer for 30 minutes and stir occasionally. Mixture will eventually thicken as liquid evaporates

8. Serve warm. Add toppings link evaporated or sweetened condensed milk, tuyo, honey, etc.

Get your champorado adali ingredients now with this bundle.

Enjoy! Let's continue to do good everyday. 

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