2021 Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts That Do Good

Give meaningful and unique gifts this Season of Giving. Your gifts can mean that you care about someone. It can additionally mean that you care about causes like supporting local communities and caring about the environment.

Check out a these gift ideas that are unique, good for the environment and supporting local producers and communities. 


Everyone wishes their loved ones to stay safe these days. Send them these few COVID Essentials like Human Nature hand sanitizer, Harl’s leather face mask holder and  plantable abaca paper face mask.

Send your friends a sweet treat with a box of spread from First Harvest and a chocolate bar from Theo and Philo or Coco Dolce. 


You can’t go wrong with these affordable but sweet gifts. Sweeten someone’s day with a healthy champorado bundle with Adlai grains of Inday Adlai with Tablea from Chocoloco, a surprise box of Theo and Philo chocolates or a complete set of breakfast spreads from First Harvest


For Him or For Her? Add this bamboo razor with Human Nature shaving cream and pomade to your guy’s hygiene kit. How about starting her day right with this Bath Essential set, complete with Pure Essentials cream and lotion bar, Pure Essentials shampoo and conditioner bar and a Rainourish oatmeal soap. 

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can start someone’s day right, with this tea duo from The Good Store. Have a healthy sip of The Good Store turmeric or hibiscus tea and sweeten it with La Maison B’s honey. Can’t decide if you like tea, coffee or hot chocolate in the morning? Then this Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate bundle is perfect for you. Whichever bundle you choose, one thing’s for sure, whoever receives these bundles as gifts will have a perfect healthy drink to start their day.

A sure way to make your gifts mean more to someone, is by gifting them something fitting their lifestyle. It’s the thought that counts, but thoughtfulness also matters! To live an environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle is important to many. Support their lifestyle by gifting them this sustainability basics gift bundle.

If you plan to gift someone who’s into wellness and meditation, how about giving them these lovely soy candles from Grow and La Maison B? People on-the-go and with active lifestyles would appreciate this On-The-Go bundle which includes a Grow Daloy bag and a SIP water bottle. 

Whichever gift you plan to give, remember the real Reason for the Season. We hope you enjoy the holidays and celebrate it with your loved ones.

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