5 Valentine's Day Gifts Based on Her Personality

Valentines Day

It’s exactly a week before Valentine’s Day! And if you still haven’t thought of a gift for your special woman, we have carefully picked five gift suggestions based on her personality. 

Picking a gift could be difficult especially if you have to do it every year and you just have run out of ideas. A simple bouquet of flowers just doesn’t do the trick sometimes. To help you decide on a thoughtful Valentine gift, we suggest that you identify first from which personality group your special lady belongs to. Here are 5 of the most common:


Does she have more than 10 potted plants at home? Does she have a green thumb? Is her phone wallpaper a photo of her plant collection she has only started during the pandemic?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, then your girl is definitely a certified plantita! These macrame hanging plant holders are a perfect gift for her. It is composed of upcycled fabric and is meticulously handmade by the women empowerment program of Project Pearls.



Is she a milk tea lover and sets the sugar level to 100% all the time? Does she have a small jar of sweets on her bedside table? Has she still kept that box of chocolates you gave her on your first date?

Then our Chocolate Obsession gift bundle is perfect for her! She gets 10 random flavors of award-winning Filipino chocolate bars by Theo & Philo, who employs local cacao farmers in Mindanao. Each flavor is a surprise so she’ll definitely have an awesome time trying each one out. We have an adobo inspired chocolate bar. There’s one with labuyo, another with green mango and salt. It’s a celebration of Filipino flavors!

theo and philo chocolates


Does she have silky smooth long black hair? Doesn’t she sleep unless she has given her hair a hundred brush strokes? Does she like indulging in pampering sessions for her hair? Maybe she’s a Rapunzel!

We have created a Hair Care Set for women like her. The bundle is made up of 3 different variants of Pure Essentials PH’s shampoo bar. We have also put in two cans of conditioner so her hair remains smooth and silky all the time! Pure’s ingredients are all natural. Their products’ packaging are well thought of to make sure that everything is zero-waste and will not harm our environment.

pure essentials shampoo and conditioner bar


Is she a suki of coffee shops not to have coffee but to have tea? Does she have a collection of tea sets at home? Does her everyday water bottle have a strainer for loose tea leaves?

Your special lady is definitely a TEA-ta! Choose two variants of our The Good Store teas that are harvested and dried by the farmers of Sierra Madre. The bundle comes with a cute leaf-shaped tea infuser and a 100% pure and organic honey by La Maison B. Our honey is harvested raw and wild locally with zero added sugar. What’s more special is that 20% of the honey sales are donated by La Maison B to Autism awareness. Definitely a great cause to support!

the good store hibiscus tea


Does she have a tree planted in her name? Is she a volunteer for environmental conservation projects? Does she hate single-use plastics? Is she constantly and consciously aware of the different products that harm our planet? 

You’re a lucky guy because your girl is a certified eco-warrior! She cares a lot for Mother Nature and so this special bundle is perfect for her. Our Sustainability Basics Bundle is a collection of different items that help save the earth. Aside from our shampoo bar and conditioner, the bundle also has a metal straw, a bamboo toothbrush, and a crocheted net bag from Simula PH.

sustainability kit
So there it is! A different gift for a different type of a special lady. Add your favorite set to cart now at our shop https://thegoodstore.ph/collections/all as you only have a few days before Valentine’s day!

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