4 Upcycled Products by Empowered Women

We’ve always known about “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” from our early Science classes when we talk about saving the environment. But in the past few years we hear about upcycling and somehow it doesn’t fit the equation of the Three Rs which we used to know. 

A quick Google search will give us a definition of upcycle, which is to “reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.” Upcycling is a form of recycling, where products which can already be put to waste are given a new life. Several international clothing brands are introducing upcycled fashion lines and it has really become popular especially among the youth.

Here in the Philippines, we have partnered with Project Pearls and their program called GROW which stands for Giving Resources and Opportunities to Women. This International Women’s Month and today’s celebration of Global Recycling Day we are shining the spotlight on this organization that empowers women.

A number of families in Bulacan needed livelihood after having been relocated by the government from the slums of Tondo. Women–composed of mothers, grandmothers, and sisters of children from Project Pearl’s scholarship grant–are being nurtured, trained, and sustained by this worthy program. They have developed a number of products like fashionable patchwork bags, hand-poured soy candles, statement shirts; but what really caught our attention are the meticulously handcrafted macramé items made up of upcycled fabric. 

Macramé is the art of tying rope or fabric into knots to create items like wall decor, accessories, and other household products. In fashion, macramé is getting a lot of attention. In fact in the most recent edition of Project Runway’s all-female designers finale (Season 19, 2022), Coral Castillo got a standing ovation from her fellow competitors for her macramé inspired collection.

There’s just really something about women and macramé art that we cannot get enough of and so here are 4 upcycled items from our racks that deserve your attention.

1. Lingap Market Net Bag

Lingap Market Bag

This net bag is perfect for a quick trip to the market or light grocery shopping. It is made of upcycled fabric and available in different colors which makes it not only stylish but most definitely eco-friendly. 

2. Daloy Bottle Holder

Daloy Bottle Holder

It’s summer time once again and we always need to hydrate. A water bottle should always come handy especially when we are outdoors. A cool way to bring your bottles with you is through this macramé bottle holder which also comes in different colors.

3. Usbong Hanging Plant Holder

Usbong Plant Holder

Another thing that we love about GROW’s products is that their product names are in Filipino and they usually choose words that not only reflects the item but also brings a message of empowerment. This hanging plant holder is called Usbong which means to sprout, but it could also mean to grow or to progress. There are also other designs of plant holders available here in our site which are called Likha, Balintataw, and Silay.

4. Kalinaw Yoga Mat Carrier

Kalinaw Yoga Mat Holder

The calming benefits of yoga is definitely what we need in this pandemic and in this array of events happening in the country and around the world. Kalinaw which means serenity and tranquility encapsulates that. Be able to escape the noise of the world even for a little while with your yoga mat in this carrier bag. We are sure you’re a little braver and more energized to face life’s challenges after your yoga session.

Talking about being brave and having courage, we are just really proud to partner with Project Pearls and their program for women, GROW. In a recent FB live on their page, they have awarded and recognized outstanding women in their community who have braved life’s challenges and were able to even flourish to inspire other women. We are truly happy to support and promote this cause. Abante, babae!

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