17 Premium Gift Boxes That Give Back

‘Tis the season for giving back! 

Let your holiday presents be your way of supporting meaningful causes and sharing these advocacies to your loved ones this year. 

We’ve curated several social good items that get the best bang for your buck in these gift sets:

P750 or Less

Under P1000

Above P1000

  • Men’s good grooming set
  • Coco Dolce collection
  • Hair care bundle
  • Theo and Philo chocolate obsession
  • Zero waste essentials kit
  • Teata and Teato bundle
  • Baunan bundle


  • SIP burrito, metal straw sets
  • French net bag, canvas bags
  • Shampoo bars
  • Reusable food containers
  • Bamboo razor
  • Reusable tumblers

Coffee lover

  • Homeland coffee
  • Bambaso, Kapecup
  • French press
  • Theo and Philo dark hot chocolate, tablea


  • Pure Essentials creams
  • TGS teas
  • Honey
  • Pure Essentials lotion bars

Virus protection

  • Suds cleaning pods
  • HHN hand sanitizers
  • MB glass cleaner
  • SCK soaps
  • Fresh and Clean gift set

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