20 Budget-Friendly Gifts That Give Back

Giving gifts that keep on giving doesn’t always have to be too costly. Here’s our budget guide for supporting good causes this Christmas without breaking the bank. 


Under P500

Good Hair Day Set (P455)

Cut down on single-use plastic containers when caring for your tresses with this shampoo bar and conditioner bar set. Not only does this advocate sustainable living, but it also helps fund good hygiene outreach activities in underserved communities, too.

Choose from Activated Charcoal, Rose Ylang-Ylang, and After the Rain shampoo bars, paired with the best-selling Wildflower conditioner bar from Squeaky Clean Kids.

Theo and Philo Dark Hot Chocolate (P400)

This dark hot chocolate made from local single-origin cacao is rich bold, slightly fruity and bittersweet. It comes with all the cocoa butter intact for a richer and creamier taste that’s as comforting as a warm hug. 

Theo & Philo proudly honors high-quality local ingredients and the renowned craftmanship of Filipinos, sharing the distinct culture and fearless flavors of the finest single-origin chocolates in the country.

And did we mention how pretty the packaging is, too?

Pure Raw Wild Honey (P399)

This bottle of 100% Pure & Organic Honey is harvested raw and wild locally with zero added sugar. It boasts of numerous health benefits, has anti-bacterial properties and contains powerful antioxidants.

In addition, 20% of La Maison B proceeds support autism awareness and inclusion efforts.

Theo and Philo Gift Box (P395)

Get an assortment of three unique Theo and Philo artisan chocolate bars that comes in an beautifully-designed and eye-catching gift box.

Flavors are randomly selected from Milk Chocolate Adobo, Milk Chocolate with Barako Coffee, Dark Chocolate with Black Sesame, 65% Dark Chocolate with Labuyo Chili, 65% Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Salt, Milk Chocolate Turon, and so much more.

Foodie Gift Sets (P310 - 355)

Mix and match these sweet goodies for a guilt-free sugar fix. These are our best-selling gift bundle... and for good reason!

Choose from Peanut Crunch, Honey-Sweetened Peanut Spread, and our all-time fave Salted Coco Caramel, paired with a chocolate bar from Coco Dolce or Theo and Philo in our Sweet Gift Bundles.

You can also pick from Calamansi Coco Sugar biscotti and Dark Cacao biscotti to match with yummy spreads from First Harvest in our Merienda Time box. If you can’t decide which biscotti variant to get, our Biscotti Bundle has both! 

All these goodies are made with alternative healthier sweeteners like honey and coco sugar so it's good for your tummy and good for communities, too. These gift sets are perfect for someone who deserves a break or your foodie friend who has a sweet tooth.

P300 or less

  • Zero waste starter kit
  • Squeaky clean sample set
  • Sweet Gift Set
  • Suds pods with dispenser
  • Net bags
  • Zero waste flow and reusable liner sets

Under P200

  • Fresh and clean gift set
  • Metal straw sets
  • Squeaky Clean regular soaps
  • Pure Essentials lotion bar / hand butter
  • Coco Dolce / Theo and Philo chocolates

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