5 Meaningful New Year's Resolutions for 2018

It's the start of yet another brand new year, and there's no better time to reevaluate life goals and set new ones.

But instead of simply copy-pasting from your previous list of New Year's Resolutions (*cough* lose weight, save more *cough*) or resorting to clichés that you can't really commit to, here are some ideas for more meaningful 2018 goals.

1. Eat clean

They say that abs are made in the kitchen so if you're serious about your Balik Alindog goals this year, your fitness plan should go beyond the usual gym routine and into what you regularly consume.

If you intend on incorporating more leavy greens in your diet, Green Earth Heritage Foundation and Good Food Community delivers organic produce freshly sourced from smallholder farmers directly to your doorstep. 

good food community

Replacing your regular intake with healthier alternatives also goes a long way in setting better eating habits. For instance, you can consider using raw coconut sugar which has a lower-glycemic index compared to processed white sugar in your coffee or switching to a guilt-free version of peanut butter

2. Volunteer more

Do you find yourself slipping into couch potato mode quite too often during your spare time or spending a lot of time in the mall during weekends and buying stuff you don't really need? 

There is no shortage of communities and causes that would greatly benefit when you share your skills, resources, and even just your time with them. iVolunteer, which was formed in the aftermath of Ondoy to better mobilize the strong spirit of volunteerism among Filipinos to match NGOs' calls for help, has plenty of activities for you to choose from based on your schedule and interests.


Volunteering is also a good way to spend quality time with your friends and family, learning more about yourself and others while improving your health and outlook in life. Say goodbye to negative vibes!

3. Make sustainability part of your lifestyle

Notice how most folks have made a habit of bringing eco bags wherever they go after several cities in Metro Manila imposed a no plastic policy? A little goes a long way in terms of striving for a sustainable lifestyle, and it's often the simplest changes in our day-to-day choices that leave a lasting impact.

less plastic tips

Take, for instance, the use of recyclable metal straws to replace plastic ones. Each set of Sip Steel Straws is a step in preventing one less single-use plastic straw from ending up in our ocean and endangering the lives of sea creatures. 

sip ph steel straws

Another good way to include sustainability in your daily routine is to use a bamboo toothbrush. That's right, these are made of eco-friendly bamboo with antimicrobial nylon polyester fibers infused with activated charcoal that's naturally degradable. What a nice way to start and end your day with something that reminds you of sustainability!

bamboo toothbrush

Of course it goes without saying that recycling, upcycling, or repurposing plastic containers is part and parcel of a sustainable lifestyle. Check with social good companies like Messy Bessy or Human Heart Nature for discounts when you return used bottles of their products. 

4. Learn a new skill

School may be over for most of us, but the learning shouldn't stop! The internet is a goldmine of new skills to develop, be it graphic design or financial market trading or vlogging... pretty much anything under the sun.

But before you get overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of options, ask yourself why you want to learn a particular skill in the first place. This way, your personal or professional goals would be aligned with your learning progress.

And don't put too much pressure on yourself! Remember that by committing an hour or two each day to learning still takes you a few steps forward. 

5. Use social media for social good

Fake news is so 2017. This year should be all about upping the standards for online posting and sharing, and we all have a responsibility here. 

Instead of spreading the hate on social media, make an effort to use it for social good by engaging with individuals and groups that embrace positivity. 


To stay updated on social good institutions and products, follow The Good Store on Facebook or Instagram

Have a meaningful 2018, everyone!

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