5 Gifts That Give Back for P300 or Less

Looking for gifts that support a good cause but sticking to a strict budget? Here are some ideas that won't break the bank.

1. Metal Straw Sets

Switching to reusable straws is perhaps the easiest first step to reducing the amount of avoidable plastic waste thrown away each day.

And what better way to share your advocacy for sustainability than to give these reusable straws as gifts for your officemates, barkada and family?

You can choose from a basic metal straw set (straight or bent) or a milk tea straw set, which comes with a cleaner and convenient canvas pouch. Or better yet, combine a regular metal straw with a jumbo one in a complete metal straw kit for only P180!

SHOP HERE: Basic Metal Straw Set (P100), Milk Tea Straw Set (P120), Twin Metal Straw Set (P150), and Complete Straw Set (P180)

2. Fresh & Clean Gift Sets

Stay squeaky clean and germ-free with this handy set containing a travel-sized soap bar and a hand sanitizer spray. 

These organic soap bars address common skin concerns like dryness, oiliness or inflammation through its locally-sourced ingredients. Every soap bar purchased means that one is donated to a child in need through Squeaky Clean Kids' good hygiene outreach activities.

Human Nature's natural hand sanitizer contains soothing aloe extract moisturizes skin and keeps it supple with Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and amino acids. 

Human Nature employs hundreds of Gawad Kalinga residents and centers on the core values of being pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment in striving to uplift the lives of the impoverished and underserved.

SHOP HERE: Fresh & Clean gift set from P180 to P265

3. Local Artisanal Chocolates

When it comes to giving these single-origin local chocolate bars, you don't have to worry about wrapping them as gifts because their packaging is already a feast for the eyes.

Coco Dolce's signature chocolate bars are made using cacao from Davao and coconut sugar through the traditional conche method. 

Another proudly Filipino brand, Theo and Philo, is renowned worldwide for its unique flavors like milk chocolate with turon or dark chocolate with green mango and salt. 

SHOP HERE: Coco Dolce chocolates (P150) and Theo & Philo chocolates (P115)

4. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Here's another gift idea that helps support zero waste efforts! Did you know that aproximately 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away annually, ending up in landfills and oceans, taking up to 400 years to decompose?

Making the sustainable switch from a plastic to bamboo toothbrush lessens the amount of plastic waste thrown in oceans and landfills.

Choose from a regular bamboo toothbrush, a charcoal bamboo toothbrush with a painted handle from Outcome Zero, or sets that come in cute canvas pouches. We've also got a zero waste starter kit that comes with a toothbrush, metal straw, cleaner, and pouch!

SHOP HERE: Regular bamboo toothbrush (P75), Charcoal bamboo toothbrush (P140), Zero waste starter kit (P250)

5. Merienda Bundles

Got friends who can't stop snacking? These merienda bundles are sure to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings while also supporting out-of-school youth or nanays from the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm.

Filipino biscotti from The Make Peace Bakery comes in two variants, Calamansi Coco Sugar and Dark Cacao, that you can sample in a Biscotti Bundle. Or you can mix and match your favorite Theo and Philo chocolate bar with a well-loved peanut spread from First Harvest.

And did we mention that these gift sets already come in cardboard boxes, so you don't need to worry about wrapping?

SHOP HERE: Sweet Gift Set (P280) and Biscotti Bundle (P300) 


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